Term & Conditions

01 – May 2023
T&C of CGAME LIMITED trading as META GROUP (“MG”). CGAME LIMITED is registered at RM4. 16/F. HO KING COMM. CTR. 2-16 FAYUEN ST. MONGKOK KOWLOON – HONG KONG.  By accessing and utilizing our website, web application, and platform, you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. Kindly review them carefully, in conjunction with our Privacy Policy and our Fees and Limits. If you have any inquiries, please reach out to us at hello@meta-group.com.

1. What is MG?

MG presents you with the opportunity to effectively manage your EURO funds through the use of a virtual IBAN (vIBAN). This service allows you to send and receive EURO currency. Additionally, we facilitate the management of virtual assets, commonly referred to as “crypto assets,” “cryptocurrencies,” or “tokens.” This includes the sending and receiving of such assets through a blockchain wallet address. Our esteemed partner, Striga Technology OÜ, a company registered under code 16298772, operates in accordance with its own terms and conditions and assists in providing these services. Striga Technology OÜ is located at Sepapaja 6, Tallinn, Estonia.
MG further facilitates crypto-to-euro, euro-to-crypto, and crypto-to-crypto exchanges. The exchange rates utilized for these transactions are calculated based on the prevailing market rates of our trusted partners, namely Striga. It is important to note that the EURO funds held within your vIBAN account are safeguarded by a licensed European entity. However, please be aware that these funds do not constitute a checking, savings, or any other form of traditional account and, therefore, are not covered by any deposit insurance schemes.

It is crucial to acknowledge that cryptocurrencies are not considered Legal Tender. MG does not function as a depository institution, and your MG account should not be perceived as a deposit account. The crypto assets held within your account are not insured by any deposit insurance scheme or any securities investor protection corporation in any jurisdiction..

2. Terms and Conditions Overview

These Terms and Conditions, in conjunction with our Privacy Policy and our Fees and Limits, constitute the comprehensive agreement between you and MG. They supersede any previous or contemporaneous agreements and understandings, whether written or oral, regarding the subject matter at hand. This includes any public statements or presentations made by MG. Failure to agree to these Terms and Conditions will result in the denial of access to any Meta Group functionality or services.

2.1. Modifications to Terms and Conditions

We retain the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at our sole discretion. In the event of any updates to the Terms and Conditions, we will notify you of such changes and request your acceptance of the revised terms in order to continue accessing MG.

3. Correspondence with MG

Our primary means of communication with you will typically be through the MG WebApp and email. It is essential that you regularly check these channels for any account-related information. We may also employ text messages or other alternative methods to communicate with you.

4. Introducing Meta Group (MG) WebApp

The complete range of MG services is accessible exclusively through the MG WebApp, accessible at https://meta-group.io/. To utilize these services, you must first register as an MG user, meaning you need to possess an active MG account. If you have yet to create an account, you can easily do so by visiting the MG WebApp.

4.1. Enhancements on the MG WebApp

We continuously strive to enhance our product by introducing new features and services. We maintain the right to modify the MG WebApp without the obligation to disclose the reasons behind such changes. While updates are implemented, temporary removal of the MG WebApp may occur, and the reasons for such removal may not be disclosed. Rest assured, this temporary removal will not compromise the integrity of your account.

5. Informations regarding Your Account

To utilize the comprehensive funds management and WebApp functionalities of MG, you are required to possess a registered account and undergo an identity verification and customer due diligence process as mandated by applicable Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

5.1. Account Registration

To initiate an account registration with MG, you must provide personal information, including your identity details, telephone number, email address, and establish your account security measures. Additionally, you must consent to abide by these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Terms and Conditions of our partners. It is imperative that you comply with all relevant laws and regulations applicable to you.

5.2 Responsible Account usage

We kindly request that you exercise reasonable and responsible behavior when utilizing your account. It is strictly prohibited to engage in any of the following actions, either directly or indirectly:
* Conduct that may potentially hinder our ability to provide our services effectively.
* Controlling or using an account that does not belong to you.
* Granting access to your account to any unauthorized individual.
* Violating any applicable local, European, or international laws or regulations, including but not limited to laws governing the export of data or software to and from the EU or other countries.
* Exploiting, harming, or attempting to exploit or harm minors by exposing them to inappropriate content, soliciting personally identifiable information, or engaging in similar activities.
* Transmitting or soliciting the sending of any advertising or promotional material, such as “junk mail,” “chain letters,” “spam,” or any other similar unsolicited communication.
* Impersonating or attempting to impersonate Meta Group, Meta Group employees, another user, or any other individual or entity.
* Infringing upon the rights of others or engaging in any illegal, threatening, fraudulent, or harmful activities, or participating in any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, or harmful purposes or activities.
* Utilizing any robot, bot spider, automatic device or process, or any manual process, whether intended to monitor or copy material from the Services or for any unauthorized purposes.
* Concealing the proceeds of, or engaging in any activities related to, breaches of applicable laws or regulations, or dealing with contraband, digital tokens, funds, or proceeds.
* Using funds, keys, tokens, or other digital assets on the Platform that have been obtained unlawfully or do not belong to you.
* Interfering with or undermining our rights, obligations, or those of any other user of the Services or third party.
* Engaging in conduct that is detrimental to Meta Group, other users of the Services, or any other third party.
* Providing falsified account registration details.
* Falsifying or intentionally omitting information requested by us in connection with your activities on the Platform or the use of any services, including during the registration process.
* Reverse-engineering, decompiling, or disassembling any software used to provide the Services.
* Using Meta Group’s trademark, logo, URL, or product name in meta tags, hidden text, or metadata without our explicit written consent.
* Accessing, tampering with, or utilizing non-public areas of the Services, Meta Group’s computer systems, or the technical delivery systems of Meta Group providers.
* Attempting to probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of any Meta Group system or network, or breaching any security or authentication measures.
* Evading, bypassing, removing, deactivating, impairing, descrambling, or otherwise circumventing any technological measures implemented by Meta Group or its providers (including other users) to protect the Services.
* Collecting or storing any personally identifiable information from other users of the Services without their explicit permission.
* Encouraging or facilitating any individual to engage in any of the aforementioned actions.
We strictly prohibit any violations of these guidelines and expect your compliance with the highest standards of ethical conduct while using our services.

5.3. Safeguarding your Account

Ensuring the security of your Meta Group (MG) account is of utmost importance to us. We kindly request your cooperation in maintaining its safety through the following measures:
* Logging out of the MG WebApp when not in use.
* Applying a strong password or passcode to secure your mobile phone and email account.
* Keeping your account security details confidential and refraining from sharing them with anyone else.
* Periodically changing your password and passcode.
* Promptly notifying us in the event of a breach or compromise of your account security details and taking immediate steps to change your password and passcode.
You bear the responsibility of safeguarding your account security details. Please note that we cannot be held liable for any unauthorized use or misuse of your account resulting from the disclosure of your security details, whether intentional or accidental, to a third party.

5.4. Account Password and System Security

At Meta Group (MG), we prioritize your privacy and security. To prevent unauthorized access, accidental loss, use, or disclosure of your information, we have implemented appropriate measures. These include the use of encryption protocols and software to protect your personal information during transmission and storage, as well as the establishment of physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in relation to the collection, storage, and disclosure of your personal information. Access to your personal information is restricted to authorized employees, agents, contractors, and other necessary third parties.
To further enhance the security of your MG account, we may request identity verification to safeguard against unauthorized access to your account password. We recommend using a unique password for your MG account that is not utilized for other online accounts. Additionally, it is advisable to log out of the MG WebApp upon completion of your session.

5.5. Account closure

Should you decide to close your account, please contact Meta Group directly, and we will assist you accordingly.
We reserve the right to close your account, without prior notice, in exceptional circumstances. These circumstances may include:
* Reasonable suspicion of fraudulent behavior.
* Failure to provide the necessary information or submission of false, incorrect, or misleading information or documentation.
* Serious or persistent breaches of these Terms and Conditions without rectification within a reasonable timeframe.
* Harmful use of the platform that poses risks to our software, systems, or hardware.
* Potential damage to our reputation or goodwill as a result of continued account usage.
* Failure to repay outstanding debts after a reasonable period of time, following our request to do so.
* Declaration of bankruptcy.
* Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, court orders, or instructions from law enforcement authorities or regulators.
We may also opt to close or suspend your account for other reasons. In such cases, we will provide advance notice via email or the MG WebApp.
Upon closure of your account(s), you will lose access to all associated services, and these Terms and Conditions will no longer apply to you.

5.6. Handling of Account funds

As a citizen or permanent resident in one of our supported countries, Meta Group enables you to deposit, withdraw, and exchange funds in various currencies, encompassing both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.
The regulations pertaining to transaction limits and applicable fees within a specified timeframe can be found on the Fees and Limits page. While we strive to keep you informed about any changes in these limits and fees, please note that they may be subject to modification without prior notice. We encourage you to regularly review the Fees and Limits page to stay updated.

5.7. Fees Assessment on account funds

The guidelines governing fees charged by Meta Group are detailed on the Fees and Limits page. To collect fees, Meta Group employs our partner Striga, who debits the corresponding fee amounts from your account funds whenever a transaction or transfer triggers a fee payment according to our Fees and Limits documentation, and in accordance with the provided pricing and rates.
Meta Group will never impose charges that exceed those stated in the Fees and Limits documentation, nor will we levy fees in any manner other than as explicitly described therein. In the event of any unauthorized charges, Meta Group will be liable to compensate you for the respective amount.

5.8. Cryptocurrency Deposit

To deposit cryptocurrency into your Meta Group (MG) account, simply initiate a transfer to the designated MG wallet address specific to the chosen cryptocurrency. Please exercise caution, as the wallet address varies depending on the cryptocurrency selected.
Sending funds to an incorrect address or transferring assets other than the specified cryptocurrency may result in the permanent loss of funds.
MG cannot be held responsible for any fund loss due to user error, negligence, or any fundamental errors, bugs, or malware affecting the relevant cryptocurrency blockchain or associated systems.

5.9. Euro Deposit

To deposit euros into your MG account, initiate a SEPA bank transfer to the provided bank details indicated on your MG WebApp account. For seamless processing, please include the special reference code furnished to facilitate the identification of your funds. Failure to include the reference code may cause delays in crediting your MG euro account. MG exclusively accepts direct deposits in euros. Deposits in currencies other than euros will not be accepted and may be rejected by your bank, potentially incurring charges on your part. Upon receipt of your transfer, the equivalent value will be credited to your account without any additional fees. Please ensure that the bank account used for any deposits is registered directly in your name. Deposits with unidentifiable origins or those received from accounts that do not appear to belong to you will be rejected, and the funds will be returned to the original account. You will bear all costs associated with the return of such funds.

5.10. Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Procedure

To initiate a withdrawal of cryptocurrency from your MG account, you are required to provide the destination wallet address. Upon submitting the withdrawal request, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your account and transferred to the specified destination account.
Please take note that a blockchain network or partner fee may be imposed, which can vary depending on the network congestion level.
It is crucial to ensure the accuracy of the provided public address to avoid any permanent loss of funds resulting from sending funds to an incorrect address or transferring assets other than the selected cryptocurrency. MG shall not be held responsible for any errors or negligence on your part in ensuring the correct public address is provided for receiving the funds.

5.11. Euro Withdrawal Process

To withdraw euros directly to your bank account, you must furnish us with the necessary information regarding the destination bank account. This account should be held in your name and affiliated with a banking institution established in the European Union or the European Economic Area.
Withdrawal requests involving destination bank accounts not held in your name will be declined. Once the withdrawal request is received, the equivalent amount will be deducted from your MG account and transferred to the provided destination account. MG cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracies in the banking details provided by you. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your banking information and that the transfer is made to an account in your name.

5.12. Currency Exchange

MG facilitates various currency exchanges, including cryptocurrency-to-euro, euro-to-cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency transactions. The exchange rate employed is based on the prevailing market rate determined by our partner, namely Striga.
While we strive to offer the most favorable exchange rates available, MG is not obliged to provide an exact parity exchange rate value for any currency exchange.
Please be aware that conducting exchanges and swaps directly on the blockchain through a liquidity aggregator exposes each transaction to price fluctuations, contingent upon the liquidity depth of specific tokens or pairs. As a precautionary measure, we have predefined the maximum slippage percentage for your convenience and risk mitigation.
Kindly note that all cryptocurrency asset exchanges and swaps are final, and MG does not accept returns or issue refunds. We retain the right to discontinue the exchange and swap of any particular crypto asset without prior notice.
Please exercise caution when transacting, trading, and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

5.13. Tracking your transactions

You can access a comprehensive transaction history on the Meta Group (MG) WebApp, encompassing the following:
• Deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies and fiat currency
• All currency exchanges executed on our platform (including the exchange rate applied during such transactions)
Email notifications will be sent to inform you whenever a deposit or withdrawal is processed.

5.14. Cancellation of a transaction

Once a withdrawal request is processed, it becomes irrevocable for both fiat currency and cryptocurrencies. Similarly, once we receive your request to execute a currency exchange, cancellation is not possible.

5.15. Duration of Cryptocurrency transaction

All cryptocurrency transactions to and from MG are subject to the consensus mechanisms’ transaction speed and the traffic on the relevant blockchain network.

5.16. Ownership of Digital Assets

Your ownership rights to the cryptocurrencies stored in your MG account are maintained through a custodial arrangement with our trusted partner, Striga. Please take note of the following:
1. Cryptocurrency Ownership: The ownership of cryptocurrencies in your account remains with you and is not transferred to any entity within the MG or Striga group. As the owner, you are solely responsible for any potential loss in the value of your cryptocurrencies. Fluctuations in the fiat currency value of your cryptocurrencies held in your MG account on the MG WebApp shall not hold any person or company liable.
2. Control over Cryptocurrencies: You have complete control over the cryptocurrencies stored in your MG account. At any time, you have the freedom to withdraw your cryptocurrencies by transferring them to a blockchain address under your control or that of a third party, subject to applicable policies and outages.
3. Security of Cryptocurrency Protocols
MG does not exercise ownership or control over the fundamental software protocols governing the operation of the cryptocurrencies available on our platform. In most cases, these underlying protocols are open source, allowing anyone to use, copy, modify, and distribute them.

6. Safety of Cryptocurrency Protocols

MG assumes no responsibility for the functioning, security, or availability of these underlying protocols, either presently or in the future. It is important to acknowledge and accept the inherent risk that the software protocols associated with the cryptocurrencies stored in your MG account may undergo changes.
Particularly, these underlying protocols may experience sudden alterations in their operational rules, commonly known as “forks.” Such forks can significantly impact the value, functionality, and even the name of the cryptocurrencies stored in your account. Whenever feasible, we will endeavor to provide you with notices or alerts regarding forks and offer guidance on how to handle upcoming forks.
However, it remains your responsibility to stay informed and consider appropriate actions in response to upcoming forks or changes in the underlying protocols. In the event of a fork, we may need to temporarily suspend operations related to that fork without prior notice. Furthermore, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to choose not to support one or both branches of a fork. You acknowledge the risks associated with forks and accept that we have no obligation to assist you in transferring or selling an unsupported branch of a forked protocol.

7. Risk Disclosure and Responsability

By accessing and utilizing the services provided by Meta Group (MG), you acknowledge and accept that you are assuming all risks involved. Trading crypto asset pairs and crypto asset and legal tender pairs (fiat currencies and/or crypto assets) carries a substantial risk of financial loss. It is crucial that you carefully assess whether engaging in such trading aligns with your personal circumstances and financial capabilities. Please take into consideration the following factors:
Complete loss of funds is a possibility. In certain market conditions, liquidating a position may become challenging or even impossible. This can occur when the market reaches its daily price fluctuation limit or when there is insufficient liquidity available. Additionally, transactions involving crypto assets are often irreversible, meaning that losses resulting from fraudulent or accidental transactions may not be recoverable.
Internet-related risks: Utilizing an internet-based distributed ledger trading system carries inherent risks, including but not limited to, potential hardware or software failures and disruptions in internet connections. Meta Group (MG) cannot be held responsible for any communication failures, disruptions, errors, distortions, or delays experienced while using our services, regardless of the cause.
Legal risks: Legislative and regulatory changes or actions at any level may have adverse effects on the use, transfer, exchange, and value of crypto assets.
Value depreciation: The value of your cryptocurrencies may depend on the ongoing willingness of market participants to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. If this willingness diminishes due to any reason, it may result in the permanent and complete loss of value for a specific cryptocurrency.
Please note that this statement does not encompass a comprehensive disclosure of all trading risks.

8. Assumption of Risk

MG not provide investment advice. The information available on the Meta Group (MG) platform is purely for informational purposes, and we do not solicit any actions based on such information. Therefore, it should not be interpreted as investment advice.

9. Tax Obligations

You are solely responsible for any taxes, fees, and commissions incurred as a result of utilizing the services provided by Meta Group (MG). By agreeing to these terms, you agree to indemnify Meta Group (MG) against any liability or penalties associated with such taxes. This includes any taxes imposed on Meta Group (MG) by relevant taxing authorities in relation to any fees paid to you as a result of using our services.

10. Procedure of Addressing Complaints

If you have a concern or complaint that you would like to bring to our attention, we encourage you to reach out to us via email. We value your feedback and strive to address any issues promptly. To ensure that your complaint is handled through the appropriate channels and resolved as efficiently as possible, please include the following information when contacting us:
* Your full name
* The phone number and email address associated with your account
* Date and details of the incident or problem
* Your preferred resolution or how you would like us to address the situation
Upon receiving your complaint, we will thoroughly investigate the matter and aim to respond to you via email within a maximum of 15 working days, although we typically strive to provide a quicker response. All communication regarding the complaint will be conducted in English.

11. Limitation of Liability

By utilizing the services and products provided by MG, you acknowledge and agree that we shall not be held responsible for any losses incurred by you as a result of the following events, including but not limited to:
* Loss of funds or any other intangible losses
* Use or inability to use our web application and associated services
* Unauthorized access to your account or unauthorized alteration of your data by third parties
* Damages, loss of funds, or inability to access your funds due to our decision to deny you service in accordance with our Terms and Conditions
* Legal actions taken against you by law enforcement authorities based on your usage or misuse of our web application and associated services
In cases of service failure or delay caused by factors such as network maintenance, power outages, natural disasters, complications with service providers, or governmental actions, we shall not be held liable. Furthermore, we shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages, or any loss, theft, disappearance, or lost profits.
It is important for you to understand and agree that we shall not be held liable for any force majeure events, labor disputes or industrial disturbances, electrical or telecommunications failures, hardware or software issues, utility failures, software or smart contract bugs or vulnerabilities, earthquakes, storms, or other natural events, blockades, embargoes, riots, government actions or orders, acts of terrorism or war, technological advancements, changes in interest rates or monetary conditions, and, to clarify, any changes to blockchain-related protocols. Additionally, we shall not be liable for any previous illegal on-chain origin of funds, which will be blocked and rejected.

12. Personal Data

To provide our services and products under this agreement, we need to collect and retain your personal information. As the data controller, we handle your personal information in accordance with data protection laws.
Data Processor Role:
When processing customer data in accordance with Striga’s instructions, we act as a data processor.
Data Controller Role:
In situations where we process additional customer data, we assume the role of a data controller. As a data controller we ensuring compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

For detailed information on how we use your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

13. Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights associated with our products and services, including MG’s WebApp, website, logo, and related designs, belong to MG. Any unauthorized use of MG’s intellectual property is strictly prohibited, except for the enjoyment of our products and services.

14. Validity of Terms and Conditions

If any provision within these Terms and Conditions is deemed invalid, inoperative, or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the provision will be modified to make it valid. The Parties’ original intent shall be preserved to the fullest extent possible, enabling the transactions contemplated under these Terms and Conditions to be consummated.

15. Assignment

You are not permitted to assign any rights granted to you under these Terms and Conditions without prior written consent from MG. Any assignment or transfer in violation of this section will be considered void. MG reserves the right to assign its rights under these Terms and Conditions to an affiliate. These Terms and Conditions, along with the rights and obligations of you and MG, will be binding upon and inure to the benefit of their respective successors, assigns, heirs, executors, administrators, and legal representatives.

16. Dispute resolution

You and MG shall make good faith efforts to resolve any dispute, controversy, or claim arising from or relating to the Terms and Conditions, including non-contractual disputes or claims. If a dispute remains unresolved for a period of ninety (90) days, it shall be finally settled in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong

17. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Laws of Hong Kong, including validity, interpretation, and effect, without giving effect to principles or rules of conflict of laws that would permit or require the application of the laws of another jurisdiction, unless such principles or rules are mandatorily applicable by statute.

STRIGA - Terms & Conditions



Last updated: 8 May 2023


(A) The following are Striga’s Terms of Service for Co-Brand Partners’ End Users (“Terms”).

When we speak of “Striga”, “we”, “us”, and “our”, we mean Striga Technology OÜ, a company registered in the Republic of Estonia (Member State of the European Union), registry code: 16298772, address: Sepapaja 6, Lasnamäe linnaosa, 11415 Tallinn. We are developing and maintaining a software platform (“Platform”), and we cooperate with our “Co-Brand Partners” to enable the Co-Brand Partners’ “End Users” to access “Services” and “Third-Party Services” through the Platform. We hold a virtual asset service provider license from the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Republic of Estonia (license number FVT000546) for providing services related to “Virtual Assets”. 

(C) When we speak of “End User”, “you”, and “your”, we mean the customer of a respective Co-Brand Partner through whom the customer accesses the Platform, Services, and Third-Party Services. 

(D) Your use of the Platform, Services, and Third-Party Services is subject to agreeing and complying with these Terms. These Terms shall constitute a binding legal agreement (“Agreement”) between you and us. Your use of the Platform, Services, and Third-party Services is additionally subject to the applicable “Restrictions and Limitations”.

(E) In addition to these Terms, your use of the Platform, Services, and Third-Party Services is subject to the relevant Co-Brand Partner’s terms, conditions, and other policies (“Co-Brand Partner Terms”) as per our arrangements with the Co-Brand Partner through whom you access the Platform, Services, and Third-Party Services, and any additionally applicable terms. Please refer to the respective Co-Brand Partner Terms for further information on the exact scope and nature of the Services and Third-Party Services made available to you and for more details on respective rights and obligations. Striga assumes no liability towards you arising from any legal relationships you have with an individual Co-Brand Partner or from any Co-Brand Partner Terms conflicting with these Terms. 

(F) The use of specific Third-Party Services made available through the Platform is also subject to the terms, conditions, and policies of a respective “Third-Party Service Provider”. Striga assumes no liability towards you arising from any legal relationships you have with a Third-Party Service Provider. You will be required to consent to the applicable Third-Party Service Provider’s terms, conditions, and policies (“Third-Party Terms”) when you wish to use such services. 

(G) Our Co-Brand Partners and Third-Party Service Providers are not authorized to enter into transactions on our behalf that would give rise to our liabilities toward you. The legal agreement between you and us and our obligations toward you are exclusively set out in these Terms. 

(H) Striga’s personal data processing practices are described in Striga’s “Privacy Policy”. Your use of the Platform, Services, and Third-Party Services is subject to agreeing to our Privacy Policy. Please refer to the Privacy Policy on Striga’s website www.striga.com

(I) Risk Notice:





The Terms are the following: 


The following definitions apply to these Terms:
· Agreement: the legal relationship between you and us as laid down in these Terms and amended from time to time.
· End User: the customer of a respective Co-Brand Partner through whom the customer accesses the Platform, Services, and Third-Party Services.
· Mandatory Policies: our business policies and codes, as amended and updated from time to time.
· Co-Brand Partner Terms: terms, conditions, and policies of a relevant Co-Brand Partner through whom you access the Platform, Services, and Third-Party Services.
· Co-Brand Partner: an entity that cooperates with us to enable you to access the Services and Third-Party Services through the Platform.
· dAPP: decentralized application.
· Payment Card: a payment card issued to you by an authorized Third-Party Service Provider, enabling payment transactions in fiat money than can be funded with Virtual Assets stored in your Wallet.
· Platform: the proprietary platform created by us incorporating the Software enabling delivery of the Services and access to Third-Party Services.
· Privacy Policy: a document describing our practices for processing the personal data of data subjects, as amended and updated from time to time and made available through the Striga Website.
· Restrictions and Limitations: restrictions and limitations that apply to the Services provided or Third-Party Services made available to the End Users, as amended and updated from time to time. Restrictions and Limitations information are found on the Striga Website.
· Services: services provided to you by us under these Terms and as further detailed in the Co-Brand Partner Terms with any applicable limitations and restrictions.
· Software: our proprietary software in machine-readable object code form, including any error corrections, updates, upgrades, modifications, and enhancements to it.
· Striga Website: Our website at the address https://www.striga.com, or at another address as communicated from time to time
· Striga: Striga Technology OÜ, a company incorporated and registered under the laws of the Republic of Estonia, registry code: 16298772, address: Sepapaja 6, 11415 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia.
· Terms: these Terms of Service for Co-Brand Partners’ End Users as amended and updated from time to time and made available through the Striga Website.
· Third-Party Service Providers: authorized or regulated financial institutions, providers of processing, identity verification, anti-money laundering services, and such other third parties as we may partner with from time to time.
· Third-Party Services: services made available by Third-Party Service Providers.
· Third-Party Terms: terms, conditions, and policies of Third-Party Service Providers.
· VIBAN Account: a virtual account opened for you by Striga that is linked to Striga’s payment account opened by an authorized Third-Party Service Provider, enabling certain transactions with fiat currency as further detailed in the Terms.
· Virtual Asset: a value represented in the digital form, which is digitally transferable, preservable, or tradable and which natural persons or legal persons accept as a payment instrument but that is not the legal tender of any country or funds for the purposes of Article 4(25) of Directive (EU) 2015/2366 of the European Parliament and of the Council on payment services in the internal market, amending Directives 2002/65/EC, 2009/110/EC, and 2013/36/EU and Regulation (EU) No 1093/2010, and repealing Directive 2007/64/EC (OJ L 337, 23.12.2015, pp 35–127) or a payment transaction for the purposes of points (k) and (l) of Article 3 of the same Directive.
· Virtual Asset Services: any or all of the following:
    o Virtual Asset Wallet Service: a Service in the framework of which we host a Virtual Asset Wallet or account that is managed with encrypted keys and enables the holding, storage, and transfer of Virtual Assets.
     o Virtual Asset Transfer Service: a Service that allows a transaction to be conducted electronically at least in part through us in your name with the aim of moving the Virtual Asset to the recipient’s Virtual Asset Wallet or account.
     o Virtual Asset Exchange Service: a Service with the help of which you exchange a Virtual Asset against a fiat currency or a fiat currency against a Virtual Asset, or a Virtual Asset against another Virtual Asset.
· Wallet: a Virtual Asset account that allows the holding, storing, and transfer of Virtual Assets and is managed with encrypted keys. 


2.1. Subject to the Restrictions and Limitations and subject to availability as per our arrangements with the Co-Brand Partner and the Co-Brand Partner Terms, we may provide you with access to our Platform (through the application developed, maintained, and/or made available to you by the respective Co-Brand Partner) to use some or all the following Services:
2.1.1. Virtual Asset Wallet Service;
2.1.2. Virtual Asset Transfer Service;
2.1.3. Virtual Asset Exchange Service. 

2.2. We provide Virtual Asset Services only for a limited list of supported Virtual Assets as per our arrangements with the relevant Co-Brand Partner. Subject to any legal, regulatory, technical, or reputational considerations, we may change the list of supported Virtual Assets, and you agree that we are not required to obtain separate consent from you to change the list of supported Virtual Assets. The Co-Brand Partner through whom you access the Services, the Platform, and the Third-Party Services may provide or enable support for additional Virtual Assets if the Co-Brand Partner is authorized to do so under applicable law; however, we are not bound by our Co-Brand Partners’ product offering and do not assume any liability to that effect. 

2.3. Subject to availability as per our arrangements with the Co-Brand Partner, the Co-Brand Partner Terms, the Third-Party Terms, and the Restrictions and Limitations, we may enable you to access the following Third-Party Services:
2.3.1. VIBAN Account;
2.3.2. Payment Card (available for natural persons with citizenship or residency in an EEA Contracting State only).

2.4. By using the Third-Party Services, you acknowledge that Third-Party Services are provided or made available by Third-Party Service Providers, and the Third-Party Terms may apply to such services. You are required to read, acknowledge, accept, and comply with the Third-Party Terms, failure to do so may result in suspension or termination of providing the Services and Third-Party Services to you. 

2.5. We may, where we consider it to be reasonable or desirable, appoint or instruct other third parties to perform administrative or ancillary services for the purposes of the provision of the Virtual Asset Services. We shall not be liable for the default or the acts or omissions of any such third party but will exercise due skill and care in selecting any such third party. 


3.1. We provide Services to End Users who meet the conditions of eligible customers as laid down in the Restrictions and Limitations. We don’t provide Services to natural persons who do not meet the requirements of eligible customers as laid down in the Restrictions and Limitations and/or to whom the provision or making available of Services is inconsistent with the Restrictions and Limitations. We reserve the right not to provide Services to customers other than those provided in the Restrictions and Limitations and/or where the provision of Services to you is not consistent with our risk appetite. 

3.2. These Terms are not addressed to or intended for citizens or residents of the United States of America, persons located in the United States of America, or other US Persons (including US tax residents, people who stay in the United States of America for a period of time for academic or job/business related purposes, etc.). Under these Terms, we don’t provide Services to US Persons. You declare and warrant to us that you are not a US Person. Should you be identified as or become a US Person during the term of the Agreement, we have the right to terminate the Agreement immediately, and we shall not be held liable for any damage caused to you in connection with the termination of the Agreement. You are obliged to immediately notify us of any circumstances that may qualify you as a US Person. 

3.3. Under these Terms, we don’t provide Services to legal persons, trusts, and other legal arrangements. 

3.4. To be eligible for the Services, you need to be at least 18 years old or older and have the full legal capacity to lawfully enter into and form contracts to be eligible for the Services. 

3.5. We don’t provide Services to sanctioned persons. 

3.6. Before using the Services, you must carefully consider whether trading or holding Virtual Assets is suitable for you in light of your financial situation and the typical risks associated with the Services we provide (as referred to in the Risk Notice section above). You acknowledge that trading or holding Virtual Assets and using the Services entails a substantial risk of loss. 


4.1. To access the Platform and the Services, we are required to enter into a business relationship with you and identify you in accordance with applicable legislation and our Mandatory Policies. We don’t provide Services anonymously or without entering into a business relationship with you. 

4.2. As part of our identification and verification procedures, we may require you to provide us with relevant information and documentation at our sole discretion. You agree that if you do not provide us with the required information and/or documentation, we can refuse to provide Services to you. We may engage Third-Party Service Providers for identification and verification procedures in accordance with Third-Party Terms. 

4.3. You confirm and warrant that all information you provide, including during the identification and verification procedure, is accurate and complete. The personal details you present us during the identification and verification procedure must be yours (including the phone number and email address). You must never present a third party’s identity or personal details as yours. You confirm and warrant that the documents you provide us are authentic and contain accurate information. You acknowledge that providing false information or non-authentic documentation may result in your civil and/or criminal liability. 

4.4. You are entitled to use the Services on the condition that you have agreed to these Terms, you have successfully passed our identification and verification procedures, and we have decided to enter into an Agreement with you. 

4.5. We are legally not required to enter into an Agreement with you. We may decide not to provide Services to you at our sole discretion without being required to give reasoning. 

4.6. We presume you intend to enter into a termless business relationship with us. You are required to notify us before applying to enter into a business relationship with us if you want to use the Services for a limited time or one or some specific transaction(s).  

4.7. As a licensed virtual asset service provider, we are involved in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as the application of international sanctions. In doing so, we are guided by the applicable legislation, guidance, international standards, and requirements of regulatory bodies, courts, and other competent authorities. To prevent money laundering and terrorist financing and to comply with international sanctions, we are entitled, without limitation, to:
4.7.1. process your personal data in accordance with these Terms, our Privacy Policy, and relevant legislation;
4.7.2. monitor your transactions and other activity on the Platform;
4.7.3. request information and documents from you, as appropriate, concerning your use of the Services, including to regularly check and update data;
4.7.4. establish a temporary or permanent restriction on the use of the Services or suspend all or some transactions or operations;
4.7.5. in the cases provided for in our Mandatory Policies and/or the applicable legislation, freeze the funds held on an account maintained by us;
4.7.6. terminate the Agreement;
4.7.7. take other measures as permitted or required by applicable law. 

4.8. During the entire business relationship, you are required to cooperate with us and provide us with the information or documentation we may need from you to comply with our regulatory obligations. Such information and documentation may include, without limitation, information about the purpose of or counterparties to the transactions made by using your Virtual Asset Wallet, Virtual Asset account, Payment Card, or VIBAN Account, documentation proving the source of funds used in a transaction(s) or source of wealth, etc. You acknowledge that failure to comply with the above may result in the suspension of the Services and/or termination of the Agreement. 

4.9. Unless otherwise contained in the legal acts which cannot be derogated by agreement for our benefit, we are not liable for any damage or loss caused by the application of our measures of prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing and implementation of international sanctions, including but not limited to those set out in clauses 4.7 – 4.8 of these Terms. 


5.1. You must use the Services in strict compliance with these Terms. Additionally, you undertake to identify and follow the requirements of the laws applicable to you and/or in the jurisdiction from which you access the Services. You may not use the Services if it is not allowed with laws applicable to you and/or in the jurisdiction from which you access the Services. The Services are not targeted to any persons with respect to whom providing or using such Services may be contrary to domestic legislation. 

5.2. You may not disguise or attempt to disguise your location through IP proxying or other methods.

5.3. You confirm and warrant that you pay all applicable taxes for any transactions completed on the Platform in accordance with applicable law. You agree and accept that we are not required to advise you in relation to the taxation of your transactions. 

5.4. You may use the Services only on your behalf and for your benefit. All Virtual Assets and fiat currency transferred into or stored in your Virtual Asset Wallet or account must belong to you. 

5.5. You undertake to ensure that all Virtual Assets and fiat currency transferred into or stored in your Virtual Asset Wallet or account are free of pledges, encumbrances, or other third-party rights. Without our prior written consent, you may not pledge or otherwise encumber or grant third-party rights to your funds in the Virtual Asset Wallet or account. You agree that we are under no obligation to provide such consent. 

5.6. You are responsible for maintaining all information submitted to us up to date, and you must notify us of any changes in your personal data and your intended use of the Services. 

5.7. You authorize us to rely on and act upon any instruction from you or given through your account or from your email address. All instructions provided via your account or your email address will be treated as having been provided by you, and you bear the responsibility arising from these instructions. 

5.8. You retain full responsibility for your use of the Services, and you are fully responsible for any mistakes, errors, or defects which may have been made by you in the course of accessing and using the Services.

5.9. You are responsible for always keeping your credentials secret and safe, and you must make every reasonable effort not to allow third parties to access the Services with your credentials. If a third party accesses the Services with your credentials in the circumstances beyond our reasonable control, you are solely liable for any potential losses or damages. You also agree that the loss of your credentials may, in some circumstances, result in total or partial loss of your Virtual Assets. 

5.10.  You are responsible for ensuring that you enter or provide us with the correct transaction details, as transactions, especially on the blockchain, may be irreversible. You agree and accept that you are fully responsible for any mistakes, errors, or defects which may arise during any transaction made by you that leads to a partial or complete loss of your Virtual Assets and/or fiat currency.

5.11. You bear sole responsibility for any risks associated with each counterparty that you have chosen to transact with, including in the case of interacting with dAPPs. 

5.12. You may not interfere with or attempt to interfere with the normal operations, trading order, and/or activities of the Platform and introduce a software virus or other disruptive program or do any act which would cause the Platform to become unavailable for use by others. 

5.13. You must refrain from any actions that may cause monetary or reputational damage to us and our Co-Brand Partners and Third-Party Service Providers. You shall indemnify us and each of our directors, officers, employees, Co-Brand Partners, Third-Party Service Providers, and other third parties against any losses or damages which may be suffered or incurred by us and/or any of them directly or indirectly in connection with or as a result of any Services performed or action taken under the Agreement unless caused by the gross negligence, willful default or fraud of the person claiming the indemnity under this clause 

5.14. We may deduct our claims against you from your Virtual Asset and/or fiat currency balance. 

5.15. If and when you use Third-Party Services, you must use them in strict compliance with the Third-Party Terms. 


6.1. Subject to the conditions and limitations arising from these Terms, we will provide you with Virtual Asset Services, make available Third-Party Services, and comply with our obligations under the Terms and applicable law to the level of skill and care as would reasonably be expected of a professional provider of such services. 

6.2. We exercise reasonable care and endeavor to protect the Platform and ensure its secure and stable operation. However, we do not warrant that the Platform and the Services will be continuous, uninterrupted, timely, or free from errors, viruses, or other malware. We may perform scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance of our systems and update and improve them without giving notice to you. During maintenance, the Services may be temporarily unavailable. We assume no liability for any damage that may result from downtimes or transmission of malware via the Platform. We also assume no liability for technical and security issues in using the Platform and Services handled or caused by the Co-Brand Partner through whom you access the service or by Third-Party Service Providers. 

6.3. We will only be liable to you for direct damage caused by our direct breach of these Terms. We assume no liability for any loss of profits (including any anticipated trading profits), loss of business, depletion of goodwill and/or similar losses or loss or corruption of data or information, or pure economic loss, or for any special, indirect or consequential loss costs, damages, charges or expenses however arising under the Agreement. 

6.4. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall our aggregate liability, whether in contract, warranty, tort (including negligence), product liability, or another legal basis, arising out of or relating to the use of, or inability to use, the Services or to these Terms exceed (1) the average daily amount of your assets under our management (i.e., Virtual Assets or fiat currency you have stored and hold on the Platform) during the 12 months immediately preceding the date of any claim giving rise to such liability; or (2) the amount equaling to the total monthly outbound transactions limit set out in the Restrictions and Limitations, whichever is lower. 

6.5. Subject to applicable law, we shall not be liable for any losses or damages suffered or incurred by you in connection with:
6.5.1. the default or insolvency or the acts or omissions of any counterparty, Co-Brand Partner, Third-Party Service Provider, or another person with or through whom transactions by you or on your behalf are conducted;
6.5.2. any Service performed or action taken in connection with the Terms and/or the applicable law unless caused by our gross negligence, willful default, or fraud;
6.5.3. us acting upon any instruction, notice, request, consent, or confirmation received by us and reasonably believed by us to be genuine and given by you;
6.5.4. defects in the title of, or the validity of genuineness of, any Virtual Assets or fiat currency received by us or delivered by us or for any Virtual Assets or fiat currency not being freely transferable or deliverable without encumbrance in any relevant market;
6.5.5. changes in the markets relating to Virtual Assets, including changes in the pricing, value, or regulation of Virtual Assets;
6.5.6. delays in the completion of any transactions related to Virtual Assets or the failure to deliver or transfer any Virtual Assets or fiat currency where such occurrence is for reasons beyond our reasonable control;
6.5.7. the crystallization of any risk arising from any typical risks associated with Virtual Assets and the Services referred to in the ‘Risk Notice’ section of these Terms.
6.5.8. any decision we take not to accept delivery or the transfer of any Virtual Assets or fiat currency where we believe that the acceptance thereof would or may expose us to any liability or where we consider that acceptance or transfer of Virtual Assets or fiat currency may involve a breach of or result in non-compliance with the law or our Mandatory Policies;
6.5.9. any decision taken by you in relation to your use of the Services;
6.5.10. any fraudulent activity (other than our own fraud), computer misuse, computer hacking, theft, or other dishonest appropriation of any Virtual Assets or fiat currency;
6.5.11. any failure of or malfunction or defect in any hardware, software, or firmware used in connection with the arrangement for the security or holding of Virtual Assets, including any caused by viruses or other malware or from release updates;
6.5.12. the services or the failure of the services provided by networks underpinning or supporting Virtual Assets and underlying software related to Virtual Assets, including any failure or default in the functionality, security, availability, verification, confirmation, or completion of transactions submitted to such networks;
6.5.13. our inability to cancel or reverse a transaction;
6.5.14. the occurrence of hard forks, forked networks, migration of any Virtual Asset from one protocol, etc.,
6.5.15. as a consequence of any delay, partial or non-performance of our obligations under the Terms caused by reasons beyond our reasonable control or an event of force majeure, including fires, strikes, floods, power outages or failures, acts of God or the state’s enemies, pandemics or epidemics, acts of any government, a breakdown or failure of any electronic communications or computer-based system or network, market default, suspension, failure or closure, or the imposition or change (including a change of interpretation) of applicable law notwithstanding that you may have notified us of the same. 

6.6. We do not provide asset management, investment, or any other advice or recommendations on any individual transaction or group of transactions or the overall composition of your Virtual Assets portfolio. We are not required to ensure that any particular transaction, or group of transactions, is suitable for you. 

6.7. To the maximum extent permitted by any applicable law, we make no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, in relation to the Services on the Platform, including but not limited to implied warranties of satisfactory quality, functionality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security, accuracy, title, condition or completeness, merchantability, or any implied warranty arising from a course of dealing or usage or trade. 

6.8. Nothing in this Agreement excludes our liability for:
6.8.1. fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
6.8.2. deliberate misconduct or gross negligence;
6.8.3. death or personal injury caused by our negligence. 

6.9. Nothing in this Agreement shall limit your guaranteed rights as a consumer under mandatory provisions of applicable consumer protection legislation. 


7.1. To use the Platform and Services, you must have deposited sufficient funds using the payment methods supported by us as per our arrangements with the relevant Co-Brand Partner. We pay no interest in respect of funds in your account. 

7.2. Before transferring Virtual Assets to your account, you must ensure that the Virtual Assets in question are supported by us (see clause 2.2 of these Terms). You may not use your account to store unsupported Virtual Assets, as doing so may result in the loss of your assets. We assume no liability for any attempted use or storage of unsupported Virtual Assets. 

7.3. If you use a Virtual IBAN for euro deposits and withdrawals, we only accept the following:
7.3.1. fiat deposits to your Virtual IBAN from a payment account in your own name (SEPA);
7.3.2. fiat withdrawals from your Virtual IBAN to a payment account in your own name (SEPA). 

7.4. We will reject and not process deposits or withdrawals not meeting the requirements in clause 7.3. 

7.5. The applicable transaction limits are set out in the Restrictions and Limitations, which you acknowledge and agree to. You acknowledge and agree that we may amend these transaction limits at our sole discretion at any time. In addition to these transaction limits, we reserve the right to reject and not process a transaction or transactions if we have grounds to believe that processing the transaction(s) may result in non-compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. We are not required to provide reasoning if we decide not to process your transaction. 

7.6. You may not use the Services or Third-Party Services to conduct, support, or otherwise facilitate criminal, illegal, or other activity that would breach statutory law or third-party rights. You must not transact with sanctioned persons or otherwise contrary to sanctions imposed by the European Union, United Nations, US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Control Assets (OFAC), and HM Treasury Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI). You acknowledge and agree that failure to comply with the above may result in the immediate suspension of the Services, Third-Party Services, and your account, or termination of the Agreement, and/or, where mandated by applicable law or regulatory guidelines, freezing of your funds. 

7.7. The base currency for the provision of Services is the euro (EUR), meaning that all transactions and settlements are accounted for in their EUR value. A transaction or settlement made with an involvement of another fiat currency or Virtual Asset shall be executed at the exchange rates we provide you with through the Platform.  

7.8. We do not assume any risk from any changes in fiat currency and/or Virtual Assets exchange rates. In the case of a canceled or reverse transaction, we will therefore credit your account with fiat currency and/or Virtual Assets of our choice corresponding to the euro value of the transaction at the exchange rate at the time of executing the transaction that was later canceled or reversed. 


8.1. The Payment Card is issued, and the respective payment services are provided by a Third-Party Service Provider according to the applicable Third-Party Terms, which you must agree to before using the respective Third-Party Services. 

8.2. You acknowledge and agree that using the Payment Card for payments and withdrawals is not possible within the countries, territories, regions, or jurisdictions listed in the Restrictions and Limitations. 

8.3. If you initiate a transaction with a Payment Card issued to you by the Third-Party Service Provider, your transaction will be completed on the condition that your account balance on the Platform is sufficient to cover the amount of the Payment Card transaction and fees, if applicable. You acknowledge that at the time of such transaction, the transaction is funded from our funds. Therefore, by authorizing your Payment Card transaction, you simultaneously authorize us to perform a set-off and debit the Virtual Asset balance of your account amounting to the value of the Payment Card transaction in euro (EUR) as per the applicable exchange rate, and we shall not be required to submit you a separate set-off notice. 

8.4. By authorizing your Payment Card transaction, you also authorize us to exchange your fiat balance against Virtual Assets to the extent your Virtual Asset balance is not sufficient to cover the entire amount of the Payment Card transaction and fees, if applicable, and debit the Virtual Assets credited to your account as a result of the exchange in accordance with clause 8.3 above. 

8.5. You agree and accept that your Payment Card transaction will be declined if your account balance on the Platform is insufficient to cover the amount of the Payment Card transaction and fees, if applicable. 

9. FEES 

9.1. Except as otherwise provided in these Terms, we don’t charge you any fees.

9.2. We may charge you a Virtual Asset withdrawal/transfer transaction fee. The amount of the fee will depend on the network fees paid by us for processing the withdrawal transaction. 

9.3. We may also charge you a fee if we reject a Virtual Asset deposit into your Wallet and return the funds to the address from which the Virtual Assets were sent to your Wallet. The amount of the fee will depend on the network fees paid by us for processing the withdrawal transaction. 

9.4. The Co-Brand Partner through whom you access the Platform, Services, and Third-Party Services, may charge you fees for making the Services and Third-Party Services available through the Co-Brand Partner’s application in accordance with the Co-Brand Partner Terms. You authorize us to debit all Co-Brand Partner’s fees from your account in the amounts and frequency (as applicable) as the respective Co-Brand Partner has notified us. If you believe that the Co-Brand Partner’s fees and charges debited from your account differ from the fee conditions in the Co-Brand Partner Terms, you need to file a direct claim/complaint with the Co-Brand Partner; and you agree that we shall not be held liable for any such claims relating to the collection of Co-Brand Partner fees. 


10.1. Intellectual property rights provided in connection with the Services, including, without limitation, our logo and all designs, text, graphics, pictures, information, data, software, and other files and the selection and arrangement thereof are the intellectual property of Striga and/or licensed to Striga (hereinafter: Striga’s IP). 

10.2. Your use of the Services shall not be deemed as us transferring any intellectual property to you. You may use Striga’s IP only to the extent reasonably necessary to use the Services. It is prohibited to resell any of Striga’s IP, distribute it or display it publicly; modify or otherwise make any derivative uses of Striga’s IP; or use Striga’s IP for any other purpose than explicitly allowed under these Terms. You may not illegally use or dispose of the intellectual property rights of Striga or any other person during your use of the Services. 

10.3. We own all rights contained in the name of Striga (including but not limited to business goodwill and trademarks, and logos). You may not use, copy, or imitate, in whole or in part, Striga’s trading name, brand, logo, Service names, and slogans without our prior written consent. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, product names, and company names or logos mentioned through our Services are the property of their respective owners. 


11.1. To provide Services and make Third-Party Services available to you, we will process your personal data as laid down in these Terms and our Privacy Policy. 

11.2. We are committed to protecting your personal data and agree to process such data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We implement appropriate technical, organizational, and legal measures to protect your data. 

11.3. While we process the data collected from you internally within our organization, we may also transfer your data to the relevant Co-Brand Partner, Third-Party Service Providers, and other relevant third parties to the extent it is necessary to provide the Services and make Third-Party Services available to you, as well as to meet our contractual and regulatory obligations. Such third parties will process your data in accordance with their policies. Upon transferring your personal data to third parties, we undertake to implement appropriate safeguards to protect your personal data as prescribed in applicable law. 

11.4. You agree to the processing of your personal data as set out in these Terms and the Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time. 


12.1. If you require support about the Services or Third-Party Services or wish to file a complaint, you will need to contact the Co-Brand Partner through whom you access the Platform, Services, and Third-Party Services. The Co-Brand Partner shall provide you with the necessary customer support or process your complaint under its policies as notified and amended from time to time by the Co-Brand Partner. You agree that in case of a support request or a complaint handled by the Co-Brand Partner, we may address the request or complaint instead of the Co-Brand Partner if we deem this appropriate in a particular case. 

12.2. If you wish to file a complaint in relation to the Payment Card or challenge a transaction made with a Payment Card, you will need to contact us, and we will forward your complaint or claim to the respective Third-Party Service Provider issuing the card. We may collect the information required to process your complaint or dispute through the Co-Brand Partner. The Third-Party Service Provider will process your complaint or claim in accordance with its policies as notified and amended from time to time. If you do not challenge a transaction made with the Payment Card, we may process your complaint or claim instead of the Third-Party Service Provider.

12.3. We shall not assume any liability for the actions of the Co-Brand Partner and the Third-Party Service Provider in relation to processing your complaint(s) or for the outcome of such proceedings. 

12.4. Where we process your complaint or claim, we generally respond to your complaint and provide a potential solution within 15 business days after receiving the complaint. However, you agree and accept that we may extend the deadline for responding to your claim to not exceeding 35 business days. 


13.1. You may terminate the Agreement at any time by contacting us via email. Upon receiving the relevant notification, we will close your account within a reasonable time.

13.2. We may unilaterally terminate the Agreement with immediate effect and without liability to you in the following cases:
13.2.1. you materially breach any provision of this Agreement;
13.2.2. the Co-Brand Partner has terminated the agreement between you and the Co-Brand Partner, and/or the Co-Brand Partner has instructed us to terminate the Agreement with you;
13.2.3. our cooperation with the Co-Brand Partner terminates;
13.2.4. in other cases provided in this Agreement or applicable law. 

13.3. At any time and for any reason at our sole discretion, we may terminate the Agreement, close your account and reject all pending transactions without notice and without any liability to you. In such an event, we may give you an advance notice of account closure and guide you through the process of withdrawing your funds, which may be deposited with us at the time. We will have no liability or obligation for taking such action. 

13.4. After your account is closed, we may further process your personal data and other data related to your use of the Services if such further processing is allowed or required under applicable law. 

13.5. In certain cases provided for in the law, upon the termination of the Agreement, we will transfer your funds only to a bank account registered or having its place of business in a contracting state of the European Economic Area. 


14.1. Modification of the Terms. We reserve the right to modify and restate these Terms from time to time in our sole discretion, and such modification(s) will be effective immediately upon being published on the Striga Website. You undertake to monitor any possible changes in these Terms on the Striga Website regularly, and your continued use of the Services after such modifications will be deemed to be your conclusive acceptance of all changes to the Agreement. 

14.2. Assignment. You shall not, without our prior written consent, assign, transfer, charge, sub-contract, delegate, declare a trust over, or deal in any other manner with all or any of your rights or obligations under or in connection with these Terms and the Services. We may at any time assign, transfer, charge, sub-contract, delegate, declare a trust over, or deal in any other manner with all or any of its rights or obligations under or in connection with these Terms and the Services. 

14.3. Severance. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of the Terms will not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of these Terms, all of which will remain in full force and effect. In case of an invalid or unenforceable provision in the Agreement, you and we shall negotiate in good faith to agree on a replacement provision that, to the greatest extent possible, achieves the intended commercial result of the original provision. 

14.4. Notices. You agree that we send all notices and other communication with respect to your use of the Services to your email address provided upon onboarding.  

14.5. Third-Party rights. The Terms do not give rise to any rights to anyone who is not a party to the Terms. 

14.6. Governing law. These Terms are governed by the law of the Republic of Estonia, except for the conflict of laws rule. 

14.7. Jurisdiction. Without prejudice to clause 12, you and we shall attempt to settle all the disputes arising under or in connection with these Terms and the Services by way of negotiations. If negotiations fail, then any dispute, disagreement, or request arising from the Agreement and concerning the Agreement, including its infringement, termination, or invalidity, shall be settled in Harju County Court (Harju Maakohus) in Tallinn, Estonia, as the court of the first instance. 

If you require more information about the Services and/or Third-Party Services, please get in touch with the Co-Brand Partner through whom you access the Platform, Services, and Third-Party Services. The relevant Co-Brand Partner’s contact details are provided to you as per your arrangements with the particular Co-Brand Partner.